The blog is pretty self-explanatory...
Not all that innocent as he seems…

Baby’s got a hand in the “Sergio bullying little Mesut” incident…

No questions I just want to let you now that I love your blog...♥♥

awww Thank you! I haven’t updated much lately so I’m glad you still read it ♥

Never mind, I found it! :D It won't let me post the entire link for some reason, but it's on Youtube: watch?v=qnWvcHMK9M0


Thank you very much!

I need video of this please!!! Where can I find it?
My Serzil ♥
I know the cutie on the top left, but who’s the gorgeous baby on the bottom right?
my baby my baby…. so proud so proud ♥
I don’t even know him, but why do I see him like an Angel? Even when he is angry, he still looks like an angel.