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Let me paint you a heartbreaking past…My poor Mesut

Mesut’s biggest injury in his career happened in a Champions League game against a Mourinho-lead Chelsea back in 2007. Sorry for the bad quality.


Mesut was tackled from behind and fell to the ground..

The ball never went out of play, and the game continued around him… He got up immediately…

He was clearly hurting significantly.. he tried to limp his way out of the pitch…

He knew he wouldn’t be able to continue so as he limped his way out, he signaled for change…

He was in so much pain, you can tell from his face…

As soon as he crossed the sideline so he didn’t interfere with the ongoing game, he collapsed onto the grass… (shame on you Alves, shame on you Busquests… )

You can see how much pain Mesut was in… my poor thing.

He was sad, and hurting, so he pulled his shirt over his beautiful face.

This is the tackle that led to his heartbreaking moment.

From then on, Mesut tried his best to protect himself, and rarely ever again got into situations where he could be injured. After seeing this I can’t help by think about how Alves faked his injury, and how Mesut, despite the horrible pain, got up immediately and limped his way out of the pitch.. I’m so proud of him.

(Thanks Chelch272 for showing me the video)

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The moment Bernabeau fell in love with my darling.
now this comment is adorable <3

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Bought the away kit with his name on the back in hopes that maybe he then won’t have any to wear…

hahahh… we should all do the same.

Transfer window is over….

And Kaka is still with Real….. can’t say I’m not slightly disappointed…

I think Mesut would look good with a #8 on his back <3

baby looks like a grandma, why you always wear clothes that are too big for your tiny little body?
Baby has not a gram of fat on his body ♥

I can’t get over how sexy this man is… i apologize for reposting old photos.

Mini-spam of Sexy Mesut Özil ♥

When god created Mesut’s body, he intended for it to always stay shirtless.

I just find this comment hilarious.

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BC he’s fucking annoying….

Is someone spending a little too much time warming the Barca bench…