The blog is pretty self-explanatory...
I don’t love it…but I’m sure Mesut can make anything look good. The white shorts with red stripes don’t match either… but then again I’m sure with Mesut’s ass in it, on one is going to notice the red stripes..
Does watch these games when making ratings?

Today gave Mata a rating of 7 and this comment:

"Was quiet after coming on but took his finish with class and a steady head."

Mata was not quiet, he changed the game…

WTF? Neymar is a father… dio mio….
Baby is scared of Victor, and Cris is protecting him ♥
No offense intended..
Can anyone ever say no to this face? If i know you, I’d do anything for you.

Karim Benzema and Mesut Ozil Training 23.08.2011 @ozilistas

Ah.. this is what my darling looks like on my birthday. Those legs…