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How adorable is he? This is so sad and funny at the same time. Oh… how I love thee Mesut Özil.
Come Mesut… come to where everyone loves and adores you.
in that video it says that ozil was walking around the fight circle and he pushes valdes to make his way, and villa sees that action and holds ozil by the arm. özil gets away from him, but villa pushes him harder and when he looks back, valdes slaps him in the face.


Thank you anon.

Look at the poor thing. No matter what happens, I’m behind you darling.
There is really no answer to this.

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Reports of Ozil stepping on Cesc came from people who were tweeting from the game. I wasn’t there but they had a better view than I did. And Ozil WAS next to Cesc on the ground, it just didn’t look like it from the first video circulating. So. Regardless of this Villa WOULD NOT just start shoving Ozil around, he did something to piss Villa off. But in the most recent video I saw from a better angle it definitely looked like Ozil was the one who started the confrontation by pushing Villa first and keeping his hands on him to push him away.

I don’t blame you, but I don’t agree with you. We are both seeing out of very biased lenses.

Please ….

If Barca wants RM fans to stop saying that Villa insulted Mesut’s religion, then they should stop saying that Mesut stomped on Cesc. Both points seem obviously fake. From what I saw on the screen, Mesut was nowhere near Cesc, and he wouldn’t hurt a fly even if he could.