The blog is pretty self-explanatory...

uff… I am not liking Mesut’s new body… doesn’t suit his bambi image. I prefer him with less defined abs. anyone else thinks so too?

Mesut in Vegas (better quality photos)

Mesut getting his grooves on

I’m pretty sure that’s Samir Nasri now.

What are you looking at, cutie pie?

cousin Özil was there too.

yes, big boobs blonde who looks 5-6 years old younger is just his type, friend said he had a fun time dancing with her just like a normal 23 year old boy.

so many pretty ladies, what to do, what to do?

well honey, you are still the fairest of them all.

Feliz Cumpleaños to both of my Angels @Preciozil & Mesut ♥

Beautiful Mesut spam for my beautiful Angeles @preciozil

Theme: Beautiful Mesut —- I know he’s drop dead gorgeous in all his photos, but some are still more than others!

Mesut ♥ me!

Look! He scored on minute 8 and 23 ♥

And then he scored one more and took off his shirt to celebrate ♥


“baby…what is wrong?”

This is exactly why he is so adorable.